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Praise God, He is granting us more time to win souls! Everything we do centers around that and we are glad that we have a place to take the saved and unsaved alike so they can learn more about Jesus. Here at the Lord's Ranch, we are stepping into our high calling and trying our best to do (even the small) things with excellence. After all, it bears His Name and we want Him to shine through us.

We have kept a full house of men (averaging 40 in discipleship) for a number of years now and we are convinced that everyone sent here has something to teach us and gifts in the natural and spiritual yet to be used. Even more encouraged by the countless testimonies of changed lives and how our van pulled up at that strategic moment to rescue them from Satan's trap.

We give all glory to God and thank those who have shared their resources with us to keep The Lord's Ranch afloat all these years. Jesus said, "Greater things will you do because I go unto My Father." We pray that those who come to the ranch will go on to do greater things! Three of our former House Managers are now running their own discipleship homes and we are proud of them!

Volunteer and Give

We are always looking to partner with Christians, churches and businesses for the work of the Gospel. There are many ways you can get involved including:

• Practical Service
• Be a friend to someone at the Ranch
• Evangelize with Us
• Invite us to Your Church to Speak
• Join us on a Missions Trip
• Give Financially
• Pray and Intercede for Us
• Give an In-Kind Donation
• Hire workers from The Lord's Ranch
• Contribute Food

The list goes on and on.

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