Our Ministries

World Harvest Missions has developed and implemented many ministries over the years. All of them ultimately focus on evangelism, discipleship and reaching the world.


place holderEvery week, we have teams going out to evangelize in different cities and festivals. People are hungry! We are seeing more come to Christ than ever before. If they're serious about changing their life to follow Jesus, we bring them back to the ranch where God is raising up evangelists, ministers, and servants of the gospel. Jesus said, All power is given unto me in heaven and earth. Go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the Name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost, teaching them to observe all things that I command you . . . Matthew 28:18 This is the Great Commission, not the great suggestion.

The Lord's Ranch - Rescue Discipleship

place holderJesus called and said, "Follow Me." We often invite new converts to not only serve Jesus, but come away with us and learn to follow Jesus. We run The Lord's Ranch in Fertile Valley near Newport, Washington. There we offer a six month intensive discipleship course. Men who need a second chance llive, work, study and serve the Lord at the Lord's Ranch. We provide basic instruction in the word of God and invite men to make a radical decision to follow Jesus. For men who are desparate in life, who have tried everything to overcome addictions, broken marriages, criminal patterns, abusive experiences, etc., The Lord's Ranch provides the opportunity for a new beginning. Unlike some programs, we not only seek to help people move forward, but actually to become radical soldiers for Christ.

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Overseas Missions Trips

place holderFor the last few decades we have been leading teams overseas to strategic areas that are ripe for the Gospel. In the mid 1980's the Lord led us into Eastern Europe where we were when the iron curtain came down. Hundreds of thousands came to Christ in an amazing time of openness and harvest for the Gospel. Since then we have been to many countries in the world conducting crusades, planting churches, and doing other forms of ministries. These countries include Western and central Europe, Eastern Europe, Ukraine and Russia, Nigeria, India and others.

Other Ministries

Ministry to the Poor - We provide special packages and team up with local churches and Christians to create them and distribute them.

Food Bank - We run a small food bank on our grounds at the Lord's Ranch.

Drop-In Meals - In the past we have run food programs and fed people meals and shared the Gospel. This is not active right now, though we cooperate with other ministries.

Missionary Training - This is an active program and one that we are actively building for the future. Our vision is to train and release missionaries throughout the world from our base at The Lord's Ranch in Elk, Washington.


Our purpose is to glorify God by exalting the Name of Jesus Christ through the preaching of the gospel and making disciples of all people. Our vision is to evangelize the poor, the homeless, the street people, the counter and subcultures, the groups for the most part that are unreached by the traditional church. Our goal is to make disciples through community living, practical service, daily study and application of God's Word. Our aim is to equip and send trained disciples to minister worldwide, start churches and ministries relevant to reaching this generation.