The Lord's Ranch - Our Philosophy

The Lords ranch is dedicated to allowing men to decide which path to follow. The path we show them is the narrow one of Jesus Christ. Many disciples have tried many institutions and rehabilitation programs and for some even prisons or mental institutions... with repeated failure. Our course of recovery is the simplest and most basic. The program is the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth or simply, the BIBLE. It's the program based on the word of God and is not mixed with theories or conjectures since His departure.

With a structure of early rising followed with a busy day, the disciple is not allowed to stew in the past or dwell on the future. His thoughts and actions will begin in the now, stay in the now, and with time he will live in the now without worry and despair about other times and events that are beyond his control. Now at this time he comes to a life of change and a life he gives up to the care of Jesus Christ. Depending on his desire to change and the courage of conviction, a whole new life will open up before him.

Many return to their chosen professions and families with a resolve to find a church, a support group of church members with weekly gatherings such as mens groups and personal continued study of the Bible. With this program of structure a graduate of this program will have a good chance of success. But simply going back to old friendships and old ways of living which inevitably lead to "backsliding", relapse into drugs and alcohol leading to jails, institutions and death.

Again we state that most or all of our members have tried every avenue of release from their addiction and pain. Except for little or no exposure to religion, most new members are open to this new way of life in the way only desperate men can be.

The Lords Ranch is not affiliated with any non-profit group and has existed solely on individual contributions. We are affiliated with the UGM (Union Gospel Mission ) of Spokane for their weekly food contributions. We also subside on our own vegetable and fruit garden along with livestock for fresh eggs and meats. But mainly for 10 years this is how we have subsisted. Yours is the first agency that has shown an interest in helping us. Again, we have no working experience with any agencies for the homeless other than The Union Gospel Mission, but we can best be described as very experienced homeless people working in unity with the recently homeless and the long term homeless.

Again, I emphasize that we work solely with men who range from the executive to the illiterate: men who have been rejected from their families for their behaviors, men who have been incarcerated in prison for crimes to men to men who have never been arrested for any crime. We give them a chance and we need your help. Our facility which is a converted ranch house provides shelter, food meeting hall, dining room and christian based praise and worship followed by sermons from our in house pastors to pastors from around the world.

Our pastor Adrian Simila has over 35 years experiance in helping the hungry and the homeless and has traveled to some of the worlds most non-religious and non-christian countries to spread the faith. He personally has started over 60 churches in these countries, all without an expense account, budget, per diem or otherswise expected income. He simply has traveled and subsisted on faith and the help of fellow Christians he has met along the way. In the past year alone he and others of our group have traveled to eastern Europe and were well fed, transported about and helped spread the word of God by simply living on the faith of Jesus Christ.


I learned something from my
grandmother about God: "when
things got too hard to bear, cry out
to God and He'll save you". My
translation was, "Do what you
want and God will rescue you if
you got into a bind". Today I know
the difference - that my life will
be blessed if I serve Christ.(Deut. 28)

I was a successful dealer, had
plenty of run-ins with the law, was
labeled Tukwila's most wanted,
hated by the cops, the community,
and rival dealers. I remembered
what my Grandmother said and
cried out to God. Two days later,
the Lord sent the guys from the
Lord's Ranch to share the gospel
with me. I accepted Jesus as Lord
and Savior and came to the ranch.
Remembering the plans I made to
do evil the same day the guys ran
into me, I knew that God gave me
a way out, or I could have ended
up in prison instead.

I thank God for the Lord's
Ranch because it's a good place to
recognize the goodness of God.
This is not a treatment center, it is
a family that allows a person to
freely seek after God. I learned alot
here and served as House Manager
for nearly three years. I dealt with
my past, God gave me favor with
the law, and I was released from
probation five months early. He
has blessed me beyond comprehension.
I am now a free man, free
from jail, and free from bondage.

Mike Glover.